Announcing the highly anticipated memoir by Keva D. Horry

Glamorous Sacrifice: Life... in the Shadow of Championships


What People Are Saying About Glamorous Sacrifice

"This book is wonderful and it shows the depths of the heart and how strong one must be in the face of adversity, discouragement, predjudice and evil...It is a must read for anyone who loves a good story as well as for those who can relate on the slightest level to overcoming the trials that the world constantly puts in front of you...If she can put one foot in front of the other every day of her life, so can you!"

-Mr. M I S T E R | Amazon

"Everyone should read Glamouros sacrifice. It tells the reality of raising a child with special needs. Keva tells the truth and doesn't sugar coat it. You realize the isolation one can get while trying to do everything for your child. She also shares the joys when mile stones are reached and how joyous it feels especially when it's several years later than "normal" age expected. There is also raised awareness of 1p36 Deletion Syndrome. This book is near a dear to my heart and is a must read!!"

-PLS | Amazon

"Wow..I can honestly say, ths book is a one of a kind read. The Sincerity and transparency of The Author draws you so close. I never expected."

-Amazon Customer | Amazon

"This book is well written and easy to read. It is an inspiring story of overcoming. Well worth getting and reading."

-Mattie | Amazon

"My goal this weekend was to read a good book. Goal accomplished when I completed Glamorous Sacrifice in one sitting. I was moved, educated and inspired by a child I never met and a woman that I have. I shed a few tears but the overwhelming feeling was of love and faith. That Keva can look back over her life and so clearly articulate the lessons that God intended is awesome. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself and your faith."

-Yolanda | Amazon

"Wonderful, heartwarming book. A must read!! Keva Horry tells an amazing story of their family's journey with their special needs daughter, Ashlyn. A tribute to a mother's amazing faith and love for her child."

-Bonnie | Amazon

"I was blown away by the love and dedication of Keva D. Horry in her newly released Glamouous Sacrifice: Life in the Shadow of Championships. Any mother knows motherhood can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. However many of us can not fathom being the parent of a special needs child under the microscope that such fame can bring. This moving account of a mother's love and determination to make her daughter's life the best possible (in the face of one adversity after another) will leave you laughing one minute and crying the other. Horry writes both with a homespun sense of humor (that exposes her southern roots) and with a gut-wrenching reality as she takes you into the Children's ICU for Ashlyn's last breath on earth. At the end of the day it still comes down to the one common denominator that all moms share in common and that is love. Love for our children and the desire for them to have the best life possible is the thread that ties us all together. I applaud Keva D. Horry for allowing her readers to take an open and honest look into her private life. From the first page I was hooked. I applaud this "true" basketball wife who, along with her beautiful Ashlyn, is making a positive difference and bringing awareness to our special needs angels."

-Joyous | Amazon

"Glamorous Sacrifice is a must-read for any mother, educator, health professional, philanthropist, or bibliophile! I purchased this book twelve hours ago. Like a five-star meal, it was quickly consumed! The witty wording lured me from the introductory paragraph and held my attention like stimulating conversation. Mrs. Horry crafted her writing like a sculptor, molding her thoughts into descriptive sentences that activated my senses. Her efforts yielded a masterpiece.
I chuckled, gasped, and cried. Most importantly, I connected with her on so many levels. Readers will not feel so alone after reading this unique story, which assures us that our universal pain can only be soothed by the almighty. I loved this book and will share it with others as a gift for years to come!! I will not lend my autographed copy to anyone!"

-Shanedria Wagner | Amazon

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